#013 Jordan L. Walker

Discover the products that Jordan uses to run his AI and asynchronous voice messaging apps


Happy Thursday! It’s time to do a deep dive into the life and tech stack of some of the coolest founders out there.

In today’s edition, we have Jordan L. Walker, co-founder of Yac, an asynchronous voice messaging app and Backtrack, an AI Booth Sales Assistant for those that go to trade shows. Collectively, they have raised $10,000,000+ in funding.


Jordan L. Walker

Hi! I’m Jordan, founder of Yac and Backtrack 👋 

I’m an entrepreneur running two companies, alongside my co-founder Hunter McKinley, running Yac and Backtrack. To date the we have raised $10,000,000+ in funding from Slack, GGV Capital, Florida Funders, Anthony Pompliano, Arlan Hamitlon, and more.

Backtrack is an AI Booth Sales Assistant for those that go to trade shows and Yac is an asynchronous voice messaging app. They have been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and more. Jordan also sits on the board of PS27 Ventures Foundation.


Jordan’s Stack

General communication internally at Yac and Backtrack

Slack is the back bone of our company. All of our day to day talking about the work we're doing takes place there. We have channels for dev, marketing, sales, etc to keep each conversation in their respective place.

When we decide to add a new feature to our product we'l use the Slack/Linear integration to make a ticket right there in Slack then it will show up in Linear. Linear then becomes the source of truth for the status of tasks. Likewise when we need to talk live we use Google Meet and lastly we use Gmail for communication with external stakeholders.

Tools for writing code

Every engineer knows they needs products for actually building, deploying, and monitoring. That's the stack we have setup is done exactly for that. VS Code & CoPilot for doing the building, XCode & XCode Cloud for deploying, then lastly we use Mixpanel & Sentry for monitoring how the app is performing and how folks are using our product.

Community building

We do have a Slack channel for our community of users that's quite fun! Everyone who comes in gets a unique profile photo we generate with AI then post to them, which is all done by Zapier. In a more external look for marketing, we use Clay.com and absolutely love that tool. It does Data Enrichment which helps us personalize our outreach when we do any sort of outbound campaigns.