#012 Tim Cherkasov

Discover the products that Tim uses to run Web3 company


Happy Thursday! It’s time to do a deep dive into the life and tech stack of some of the coolest founders out there.

In today’s edition, we have Tim Cherkasov, founder of Clustr, a tool for analyzing the risk involved with investing in the Web3 scene. Enjoying this newsletter? Don’t forget to forward it to your friends!


Tim Cherkasov

Hi! I’m Tim Cherkasov, founder of Clustr 👋 

Clustr is a research-driven investment platform for Web3 users. Most crypto investors don’t understand what they invest in, as research is hard and time–consuming. So, we built an app that highlights the risks behind each coin and protects investors from scams. Using on-chain data, our rating model verifies project traction and helps users make smart investments. Specifically, Clustr connects to a wallet and helps users build balanced portfolios using actionable insights.

Since its inception, Clustr has achieved significant milestones. Last summer, we launched our MVP that analyzes over 700 crypto projects and quickly gained recognition by winning ‘Product of the Year’ in the Web3 & Crypto category. At the same time, we have been forming strategic partnerships with leading industry companies, including Ledger, Sweatcoin, and Chainalysis, to expand our ecosystem further and provide more value to our users.

Additionally, Clustr was accepted into the 500 Global Accelerator Program, one of the world’s most active accelerators and venture capital firms. Building on this momentum, we developed a new prototype, iterated twice, and tested it with 150 users to refine our offering. We currently have over 10,000 users and are actively working on an open beta that will implement token swap functionality, and is due to release this October.


Tim’s Stack

General communication internally at Clustr

Slack is our main communication channel for the entire team and is used to schedule calls that sync with everyone's calendars. Telegram is the quickest way to get hold of someone; we have different groups for specific teams such as marketing, admins, and design, making it easy to communicate with the necessary people.

It's also the most convenient way to send files and images. We use Google Meet for team syncs and calls, while Figjam is essential for brainstorming sessions, allowing everyone to collaborate on a whiteboard instead of one person sharing their screen.

Tools for writing code

VScode provides our developers with the essential tools needed for a quick code-build-debug cycle. Like all programmers, we use GitHub for storing, tracking, and collaborating on software projects. GoLand is our go-to for creating full web apps or tools to clean up incoming data for processing. Mermaid allows us to create diagrams and visualizations using text and code.

Community building

We use Discord to start and grow our own web3 community, similar to X. Airtable is our CRM of choice, helping us engage with customers and users effectively. LinkedIn is excellent for building a professional network and connecting with other founders, who often share valuable insights and tips.

Other tools

We use 1Password as our go-to password manager to keep all company passwords secure. Notion is integral for tracking everything company-related, from tasks to important documents, and it is also linked to our Google Drive.

Hotjar helps us visualize and map user engagement on our site with interactive heatmaps, session recordings and feedback gathering. For our data models we use Alchemy to run our own nodes and get onchain project data. We also use several 3rd party tools like Sanbase, Messari, Glassnode, Dune to query project data and backtest our rating system.