#010 Dani Grant

Discover the products that Dani uses to run her company Jam.dev


It’s Wednesday, you know what the means — it’s time to do a deep dive into the life and tech stack of some of the coolest founders out there.

In today’s edition, we have Jam.Dev co-founder and CEO, Dani Grant giving us the low down about what’s in her stack.

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Dani Grant

Hey! I’m Dani Grant. I helped start Jam.dev with my co-founder Irtefa. We’ve now helped more than 100,000 people fix more than 2 million bugs faster. It’s a dream job, getting to build for builders. Before Jam, I was a product manager at Cloudflare and an analyst at USV.


Dani’s Stack

  • Jam (to report bugs super fast, w/ all the dev details auto-included – ofc!)

  • Ramp (how we run Jam expenses & payments)

  • Apple Notes (my tool of choice for personal note taking & todos)

  • Roost (game-changing laptop stand)

  • Tome (for beautiful presentations)

  • Grain (for recording calls and clipping insights)

  • Google Calendar for Slack (auto-sets my Slack status when I have a meeting)

  • FigJam (for delightful retros)

  • Wren (subscription to support projects sequestering CO2)

  • Matt Wolfe’s YT Channel (my favorite way to stay up to date on happenings in AI)

Was there a pivotal moment or experience that made you think of the idea behind Jam.dev?

Yes! My co-founder and I met as product managers at Cloudflare. Cloudflare is such an incredible company. We were so lucky to get to learn from the amazing team there.

One thing we experienced was that even at Cloudflare, one of the fastest moving companies in the Silicon Valley, one of the biggest bottlenecks to engineering velocity was slow back & forths to clarify bug reports.

As a PM, you really want to move faster and deliver more for your users. But slow communication cycles to clarify issues before an engineer can even start debugging get in the way.

So that’s what we decided to solve with Jam. Allow anyone, in any role, to 1-click show engineers what’s happening in a way that they don’t need to ask follow up questions, it has everything they need to start debugging.

Fast forward to today, and there are now 100K+ people using Jam, including product teams at Disney, HP, Salesforce and Nike. This is a dream come true to get to build a product your former self needed!

I’m an Apple Notes lover also! Why do you choose Apple Notes over the plethora of other options these days?

So fast. Speed is the best feature. This is something we talk about at Jam too. A very wise founder friend Varadh Jain once told us: when in doubt of what to ship next, ship speed.

If you could only pick only three products to keep in your stack, what would you choose?

Apple Notes, Ramp and Jam (of course!)