#007 Jason Levin

Discover the products that Jason uses to help startups grow their online presence


Welcome to Maker Stacks, a new newsletter from the Product Hunt team where we interview a maker about their stack.

In today’s edition, we have social media guru and Product Hunt Twitter manager Jason Levin talking about the products he uses to help startups grow.

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Jason Levin

👋 Sup nerds! I'm Jason and I love blowing up the internet. I've been tweeting since I was 14 and I literally tweeted my way into Silicon Valley. For the last 3 years, I've been helping startups and VC firms with their Twitter and social media marketing efforts. On a typical Tuesday, you can find me drinking way too much coffee, writing tweets, and making dank memes for Product Hunt's Twitter or on my personal account.

Outside of my work for Product Hunt, I write a weekly newsletter to 15,000+ readers about organic social media tactics for startups and VCs. If you want my best marketing hacks in your inbox, subscribe here.


Jason’s Stack

  1. Beehiiv (sending my newsletter)

  2. Readwise (saving/organizing my Kindle highlights)

  3. Superlist (reminders)

  4. TweetHunter (scheduling tweets)

  5. Taplio (scheduling LinkedIn posts)

  6. Notion (organizing my content dashboard)

  7. Descript (podcast editing)

  8. Brick (focus)

You tweeted your way in to Silicon Valley? Can you expand more on that? Was there any pivotal moment on Twitter you can look back on and say that was key?

Yeah, I was at school studying English and came across the tech twitter community and just started writing about my ideas and sending DMs to founders to see if they needed any writers. One of the founders I DMed was Greg Isenberg and he had maybe 200k on Twitter at the time so he’s a big deal, but I figured what’s the worst that can happen, he says no.

Anyways he’s interested in my work and we hop on the phone and he asks me to join his team for a jam session the next day on a project they’re working on. So the next day we’re on this group call and it’s just the most laidback ideation session ever coming up with crazy ideas for one his big clients and that was the moment where I was like wow I need to drop out of college and work with startups as much as I possibly can because this is where the fun stuff happens. So that’s exactly what I did. I kept DMing founders and was eventually making more money writing on the internet than my English professors so I figured it was time to drop out haha.

Managing different accounts plus your own newsletter seems like a lot of context switching. What apps help you the most with that?

Dude the context switching is so tough. I’m also a big coffee drinker so I’m just bouncing all over the apps like the energizer bunny. I did just start using a tool called Project White Rabbit that lets me organize my chrome tabs into groups so I’ve been doing that.

But other than that, it’s really just trying to move slower, take my time, deep breaths, be intentional with what I’m doing and taking my time, all the mindfulness crap that I could do a better job of.

What makes Beehiiv stand out amongst the crowd of newsletter platforms?

Bro beehiiv is the way. They just ship so many features. Every single week it’s a new feature. I’ve been writing there 128 weeks straight (before it was cool) and not stopping anytime soon. It just keeps getting better and better. Huge shoutout to Tyler Denk and the team for being so active on social media and supporting their writers.

The beehiiv social account is always helping out the writers. It’s just clear they care about their writers winning and making money more than any other newsletter platform. That’s why they win. Their social game is a huge inspiration for how I’m building out our Twitter here at Product Hunt. We gotta build the Product Hunt mafia and always help our makers win and make more money.

Have any pro tips for any of the products in your stack?

Set up Superlist integrations ASAP. Having a reminders list integrated into email, slack, and literally any app via zapier is super powerful. For more of a walkthrough on how I use Superlist, check out the first few minutes of this episode of the Product Hunt podcast.