#001 Ben Lang

Discover the products Ben Lang uses to stay productive and build communities


Welcome to the first edition of Maker Stacks, a new newsletter from the Product Hunt team where we interview a maker about their stack.

In today’s edition, we have community and Notion guru Ben Lang to walk us through the tools he uses to stay productive and build communities.

Ben joined Notion in 2019 (after discovering it on Product Hunt) as one of the startup’s first 15 hires. He led the growth of Notion's community as it scaled from about 1 million users to over 30 million users worldwide using things like ambassador programs, conferences, and partnerships with influencers.

An avid hunter, Ben has hunted nearly 600 products and since leaving Notion, has become active in the angel investing scene.

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Ben Lang

Hi, I’m Ben. I’ve spent my life hopping between New York, Tel Aviv, and San Francisco. I'm a builder, former founder, and community guy, always in multiple places at one time. I was an early member of the Notion team, where I led community for nearly five years. I actively make angel investments and advise a few select startups.

What’s the most underrated tool in your stack?

I feel like Tally is underrated. It's undoubtedly the best form builder on the market, and I use it all the time. It feels a lot like Notion with the slash menu and enables you to build forms quickly.

What tool is indispensable to your community-building strategy?

Beehiiv has become critical for me. I'm trying to build out my newsletter and collect emails, which are much more valuable than followers on social media. I love the flexibility and power of Beehiiv. I think it's the next big newsletter platform.

Are there any other products you're interested in trying out? 

I am definitely going to check out Superlist, the new to-do app from Christian Reber and team (former founder of Wunderlist). I used to be a heavy Wunderlist user.